How To Prepare for EPOC 2020

Play Testers

Meet Your Favourite Game Designers

Did you know that many award winning board games were probably designed by Canadians? It's true! Meet some of the designers behind games like Mask of the Red Death, Coven, and Sherwood Showdown!

Play and Test Early-Access Board Games

Play the latest upcoming titles. Offer your insight and provide critical feedback to the game designers so that they can improve their games before they go into production.

Join the Board Game Design Community

Be one of the few in this inclusive club of board game designers, enthusiasts, and creative people! Have tons of fun playing interesting games that you can't yet get on shelves or from a Kickstarter campaign! Come as strangers, and leave as friends!

Game Designers

EPOC is designed to be a space that creators can come with unpublished games to rapidly improve their games through serious testing and revisions. If you are looking to get the most out of this experience, here are some tips to help you know what to expect and how to prepare for the convention:

Play Test Objectives

By now, you should have played your game several times before the event to determine which aspects of your game work well and those aspects that you feel need to be fixed. When players sit down at your table, be prepared to have specific objectives for your play through sessions to help develop your game. Just playing and asking after the game how people liked it will usually result in "It was fun; and I liked it," which is not terribly helpful play testing feedback.

Try asking players to do specific things, or keep specific things in mind while playing.

Art and Graphic Design

Consider that the people who will sit down at your table may or may not be designers. They have played many published, polished games. They will be kind and forgive a lack of graphic design and art work, but you should prepare the best you can. People are taking time to sit down and help you improve your game. You should try to have it presented in the most polished way that allows for ease of play. You do not need to stress about it being pretty, just make it functional. You will also turn a lot of people off if your game is on blank white / lined paper, written in pencil. Try to print off things when possible and have fonts that are easy to read.

Game Components

Do not stress about having premium components until your game is near final publishing. The most disappointing thing in design is making an epic component for your game, then someone gives you advice to modify your game and you realize that epic bit you made won't fit in the game anymore....

Be practical and consider that pieces can get lost as well during play. Bring extras in case you lose something

Advertising and Signage

You are permitted to bring free-standing posters to advertise your game.

This is totally optional. The space is small enough that your game will be seen and noticed. You should not need signage for a successful event.

Please do not bring any poster that need to be fixed to walls or doors. The event venue does not permit this.