As Western Canada's premiere board game design convention, game designers and play testers will put the latest board game design prototypes through their paces for three game breaking days!

This year's convention will have some of the same, and offer some new events and programming.

General Convention Information

Where is EPOC 2020?

EPOC 2020 is located at the Norwood Legion Branch 178 location in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

With capacity of up to 250 people, there should be plenty of room to demo all the designs. There is on site parking for 150 vehicles. The Stadium LRT station is one block away. There will be a fully staffed concession in the building and there are many food choices nearby.

Venue Address

11150 82St NW
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada, T5B 2V1

When is Epoc 2019 Happening?

EPOC 2020 starts on Friday, May 22 at 8:30 AM and ends on Sunday, May 24, 2020 at 4:00 PM.

Who Should Attend EPOC 2020?

  1. Board Game Designers with a prototype.
  2. Board Game Players who want to test new board games!

What to Do at EPOC 2020?

Play Testing


Play Testing

Designers and non-designers alike are encouraged to try the games that are being presented then provide critical feedback to help improve the games. The goal of each play testing session is to offer insights that will make the prototype board games the best that they can be.

Each play testing session is scheduled to 2 hour time slots. The EPOC organizers will try to ensure that play test time slots are filled to the designers preferred capacity.

Designers should be mindful of play testing objectives. Determine what aspects of the game needs focused testing and work with play testers to look and achieve solutions. For more tips on preparing for play testing sessions visit the 'How to Attend' page.




What good is a prototype event with out the ability to change and update your game on the fly?

The EPOC Convention will have an assortment of tools and materials on-hand.

Available Game Bits List

• D6, D8, D12, D20, and some blank dice
• 10 mm Wooden cubes in various colors
• Plastic stack-able Halma Pawns
• Mini stickers and label sized stickers
• Blank paper - copy paper and card stock
• 2.5" X 3.5" blank card sleeves
• Cutters, punches, glue, tape, pens, sharpies

Take One Leave One

Do you have a bunch of board game bits laying around that you would like to offer to our designers? There will be a dedicated table area for parts, game bits, and other supplies to make available for convention attendees.

Participate in the game bits swap extravaganza by adding to the general pool. Exchange your supply with available game bits by other game prototype guru's!

Last year EPOC ended with a massive pool of bits that we've used to prime this years game bits exchange. Get ready to swap with some cool free bits!

There will be a lot of paper and many free bits available as well as premium materials for purchase at the convention.

EPOC Game Jam!


EPOC Game Jam!

Join this year's Board Game Design Jam! Game design jammers will participate in teams of 2 to 4 with a central theme. Each team will be given a set of parameters and mystery box of parts that they will be assigned to create their game.

Shall we say, let the games begin!