EPOC 2019 will feature numerous opportunities to win prizes and win awards! If you're a designer, be sure to sign up to our people's choice awards. Participate in the EPOC faction game and cross your fingers for a chance to win some excellent door prizes!

Peoples Choice Awards! - Sell Sheet Contest!

We are going to be having a different People's Choice award this year...

...A Sell Sheet Competition! Now, this is totally optional, but if you would like to enter, please bring a printed copy to the event. They will be posted on a dedicated sell sheet wall and all attendees will have one chance to vote on their favourite sell sheet! There will be one winner in each of three categories:

Visual Design

We understand not everyone will have final art, but you can still make a sell sheet with limited resources that is captivating to read. A Picture of prototype components well placed can still look great!

Content Clarity

There should be just enough information to make you desire them game, but not an overload. No one wants to read an essay about your game.


It should not be cluttered, it should be captivating to look at and make you want to not put it down. Well placed / well sized items can make you focus more or less on important things.

Good luck to you all and may the best sell sheets win!

EPOC Faction Game

Each participant of the convention will have a chance to participate in the EPOC Faction game. The more you participate, the more chances your faction will gain to win the prizes. When purchasing your badge, you'll be assigned one of three factions, Elementals, Vanguard, or Resistance. May the best faction win!

1st Prize

There will be 3 separate draws for a game. All members of the faction will have a chance to win 1 of 3 games.

2nd Prize

There will be 2 separate draws for a game. All members of the faction will have a chance to win 1 of 2 games.

3rd prize

There will be 1 draw for a game. All members of the faction will have a chance to win the game.

Door Prizes

Attendee Door Prize Draw

All attendees will be entered into a general door prize pool. This year, the prizes will be a mystery and drawn throughout the convention. By a badge, attend the con, and win a prize!

Designer Door Prize

In honor of their hard work, this year we will also offer a Designer's only door prize. We love you! Keep up the good work and in EPOC Convetion fasion, we look forward to continue supporting you any way that we can!