Founded with a Love of Board Games and it's Community

EPOC, Edmonton Prototype Convention is Edmonton Alberta's premier board game design focused convention. Founded in 2018, the goal of the event is to invite board and table top game designers from all over canada to showcase their game prototypes in front of eager play testers to gather feedback, fix their games, and bring them one step closer to a releaseable board game product!

Our goal is to ease the board game design and prototyping process by offering designers the opportunities to get that critical feedback as early as possible in the most fun and effective way that we can! Community driven, the EPOC Convention is a staple for board game design lovers both locally and across Canada!


A HUGE Thank-you to our Sponsors! *high-five*

Honestly, EPOC is only possible because of its sponsors and our community. Check out our sponsors, give them well deserved props, and support them also!